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As power management experts in the LED industry, we set out 7 years ago to solve a big need – how to realize and provide benefits of intelligent, connected, IoT solid state lighting specific to a space needs regardless of the functions of the space and whether the space is new construction or still equipped with common linear fluorescent fixtures popular for decades in existing commercial buildings. Today, this dream is a reality with iLumens. Check out our technologies.

iLumens’ Application Specific Intelligent Platform (ASIP) Technology

Note: shown here is our intelligent lighting ASIP based on iLumens’ unique linear-fluorescent-replacement LED lamps

Supporting our ASIP: iLumens family of Integrated Sensor, Controls, and Software

  • A software-based system that can be tailored to your requirements
  • Accessible via the cloud, securely from your computer, tablet or cell phone
  • Schedules and controls lamps and other devices
  • Tracks when the lamps and devices go on or off
  • Simple, secure, user friendly, and reliable interface
  • Tracks and reports events, progresses, status, changes, etc. according to your specific needs
  • Works with most vendors’ lamps and other devices
  • Even iLumens’ Ally™ linear-fluorescent-replacement LED lamps are designed to work with standard  0-10 volt family of sensors and controls therefore, they can use ours but also our competitors 0-10 volt sensors and controls.

iLumens’ patented Ally linear-fluorescent-replacement LED lamps

Although we offer conventional LED and mixed LED-OLED lamps in various types and form factors combined with our ASIP for new construction and complete led replacement, we also have a solution for facilities that still have standard linear-fluorescent-replacement fixtures that use standard linear-fluorescent-replacement ballasts, and now offer the Ally™ linear-fluorescent-replacement LED lamp, that is equipped with iLumens technologies to bring intelligent lighting to your previously fluorescent spaces.

Plug & Play

  • Works with a standard ballast
  • Faster installation
  • Lowers costs from installation and maintenance
  • Less disruption

Constant Lumens

  • Unlike others, light output is equal between different ballasts
  • Aids maintenance predictability


  • 0-100% dimmable with standard ballast in place
  • High-end and low-end trimming
  • Improves comfort and productivity
  • Increases energy savings


  • Continuous daylight harvesting
  • Occupancy and vacancy response
  • Wired or wireless communication

Energy Efficient

  • Reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions
  • 50-90% savings over traditional lighting
  • Short payback period

Future Proof

  • Remains valid with future technology advancements
  • Uses common control platforms and/or firmware upgradeability
  • Fewer technology change-outs
  • Long-term confidence

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