iLumens Intelligent Lighting ASIP for

Schools & Universities

Intelligent Lighting for Greater Intelligence

Deliberate Light

Different groups and tasks require different light. A university classroom has different lighting needs than a kindergarten class and requires different lighting programs and schedules. iLumens intelligent lighting ASIP provides human centric lighting which helps to optimize the learning and activity atmosphere by adjusting the lighting level and color temperature of light to match the activity.  Dim low for an instructional presentation or go full-bright for an art class (not to mention also improving your color rendering).  Our trackable, controllable Temperature Tunable lighting is designed to mimic the sun inside of your classroom.  Our technologies can provide guidance during emergency situations and health benefits through the use of germicidal lighting. 

Reduced Maintenance

Your maintenance staff has better things to do than change fluorescent lamps over and over. The long life of iLumens LED lamps, which is extended even further with dimming, reduces the amount of repetitive work, meaning those long-overdue projects finally get some attention. Additionally, the use of a common 0-10V control signal ensures your iLumens system stays relevant in the future.

Meet State Energy Codes

Just because state energy codes keep getting more stringent doesn’t mean your budget to meet those codes can easily cover it. Let us help you! Integrate the latest daylight harvesting, dimming, partial-on occupancy, and other capabilities into the same linear fluorescent infrastructure to become compliant.

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