iLumens Intelligent Lighting ASIP for


Give your product’s appearance the respect it deserves.

Improve Customer Experience

Tailor your iLumens light to create the experience your customers want: one that helps them feel comfortable, relaxed, and ready to buy what they need and want. Make them want to stay in your space a little longer.

Enhance Product Appearance

iLumens intelligent LED lighting offer some of the highest color rendering index (CRI) in the industry.  Our high lighting CRI helps to maximize the color of your products.  By adjusting the light intensity,the color, or color temperature just right through iLumens ASIP tuning capability you can really make your products shine. 

Make a Statement

Continue the trend toward a more energy-efficient future by showing your customers, your investors, and your employees that you are doing your part. As a bonus, dramatically cut maintenance and power costs associated with your lighting.  The addition of iLumens UV lamps in conjunction with our IoT platform tells your clients and employees that you care.

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