iLumens Intelligent Lighting ASIP for

Warehouse & Manufacturing

Protect product-Increase efficiency-Reduce costs

Protect Products and Track Assets

A fluorescent lamp breaking in a production or warehouse facility can mean big remediation costs for safety and liability reasons. iLumens LED lamps’ made of polymer construction prevents the fine-particle and mercury problems of linear fluorescent lamps.

 Our asset tracking ASIP can be integrated with iLumens intelligent lighting ASIP to perform asset tracking.  


Right Light for the Space

iLumens dimming and sensor integration allows you to taylor your lighting to suit the need of the space, increasing both operational and energy efficiency. You can high-end trim the system so the lights don’t go beyond a set intensity. You can low-end trim the lights so they don’t go below a safety intensity. You can set occupancy sensors to turn on the lights to a preset level or turn off when people are not around. You can have some areas bright and some dim. Whatever it is, iLumens can suit your need.

Reduce Energy and Maintenance Costs

Replacing linear fluorescent lamps in a high ceiling is time consuming and expensive, especially when done over and over. iLumens lamps are rated to last five times longer than linear fluorescent lamps and last even longer when dimmed, reducing the number of lamp change-outs. When installed, they can save between 30-50% energy over the old T8 or T12 linear fluorescent setup, with the most savings coming when paired with dimming and sensor integration.

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