iLumens Intelligent Lighting ASIP for

Military & Government

Ensure security-Meet criteria-Optimize comfort-Maximize efficiency

Ensure Security

The iLumens Ally lamp is the first-ever linear LED lamp able to dim with a wired connection while powered by a standard ballast. It also conforms with the FCC Part 18B (the strictest) classification for emissions. These factors supporting the integrated sensors and controls of the ASIP greatly increase the security of your system.  Note again, the addition of iLumens UV lamps in conjunction with our germicidal disinfection ASIP ensures deep cleaning and safety of the space.

Meet Facilities Criteria

iLumens is the first technology to meet the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) for tubular LEDs (TLEDs) without requiring the use of a dimming ballast which are more expensive than standard ballasts; iLumens lamps are able to dim with a standard ballast, allowing you to economically upgrade more fixtures with the same budget.  Simply swap out the lamps with iLumens lamps, and the fixture is ready to connect to a security ASIP system for ensuring the security of the space.

Right Light for the Task

iLumens helps government employees and personnel work comfortably and efficiently by removing the distraction of poor lighting that is too bright, too dim, or too old for good performance. Different work groups require different light levels and color temperature; suit them all with the same iLumens intelligent lighting ASIP system.

Maximize Efficiency

iLumens LED lamps put out enough light to enable de-lamping in many fixtures. Combine fewer lamps with dimming and modern sensor technologies, and dramatic energy savings can be realized.

iLumens Intelligent Lighting ASIP for Public Bathrooms

A clean bathroom is a true reflection of facility management effectiveness and makes a big impression on visitors and users, why not let our ASIP help manage yours today.

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