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Germicidal Disinfection ASIP

  • iLumens ‘ Germicidal ASIP offers the best in class and safe and effective UV germicidal system.
  • iLumens’ germicidal ASIP helps to safely reduce the risk of pathogen’s in the air and on hard surfaces 
  • We employ high-quality Low-Pressure Mercury Arc lampss that emit Ultra Violet (UV) radiation (no ozone) peaking at 254nm (UV-C). The CDC has determined that 7nm is near maximum for the inactivation of microorganisms
  • These UV lamps work with standard linear lights so you can have UV-C and LED lamps in the same troffer. Direct the UV-C lamps at the hard surface to be disinfected as recommended by the FDA.
  • THEY have been Independently Evaluated – Tested to IEC 6247 Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems and are very effective in germicidal


 Our UV-C lamps are designed to fit directly into a standard lighting T5 & T8 troffer and can work along side of our Ally™ linear fluorescent-replacement LED lamps and switch back and forth between general lighting and germicidal disinfection.  The image to the right is a standard 4 lamp, 4′ T8 troffer.  The two outer lamps are iLumens standard LED lamps.  The two inter lamps are iLumens UV-C lamps.


Intelligent Lighting ASIP including with our Ally linear-fluorescent-replacement LED lamps

  • Better quality of light and better color rendering
  • Improved comfort through intensity dimming
  • Improved health through color temperature and color tuning
  • The right amount of light where and when you need it
  • The right spectrum/color temperature of light where and when you need it.
  • Greater energy savings with sensor and control, close to zero footprint in environment Easier and safer than ballast-bypass methods
  • Easier and less expensive than fixture replacements
  • Lower maintenance
  • Low disruption with installation
  • highly integrated and configurable for desired application such as for greater occupant comfort, improved productivity, enhanced learning and activity atmosphere, circadian-rhythm-syncing lighting, or having highly personalized lighting profiles etc.

Security ASIP

  • Our ASIP is fully compatible with other systems and devices so for example, our intelligent lighting ASIP can easily be integrated with occupancy & motion monitoring, environment monitoring, alarms for various security applications,
  • In fact, the intelligent lighting ASIP can be used to monitor building traffic flow, environment change monitoring, and performs as an alarm system also for various security applications.
  • Our ASIP allows for secure control and communication all the way down to the individual lamp level, such as changing colors or gathering relevant data for analytics and decision making/action taking.

Muliti-applications ASIP


  • Our ASIP is also highly compatible with other systems and, as a result, highly scalable into larger systems for multi-applications.  For example, intelligent lighting, germicidal, and security work together to provide a comfort, clean and safe space.
  •  Our ASIP is designed to be future proof, As technology advances, the pace at which it advances increases; this includes lighting.
  • Better sensors, better controls, and better software are being developed, future-proof feature allow you to get more and more value out of your lighting system.
  • As we develop more and more ASIPs, this ensures you can continue to add more applications to your ASIP.

Office Space

High-performance light for high-performance people at a fraction of the cost of new fixtures. Improve space value.

Schools & Universities

Optimize the learning environment without high retrofit or renovation costs.


Make your product and store look good without making your CAPEX look bad.

Military & Government

Ensure security. Meet codes and criteria. Optimize comfort. Maximize efficiency.

Warehouse & Manufacturing

Protect product. Increase efficiency. Reduce costs.

Now, these are the possible solutions we can think of, how about you, what solutions you think our ASIP can provide for your space needs?


Let us know below what other custom solutions you think of and we will work with you to make them a reality!

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