Our Technology

Our patented technology is a unique combination of sensors, controls and software which make up our Application Specific Intelligent Platform (ASIP).  It’s completely backwards and forward compatible, providing the ability to scale the ASIP platform as you grow.


Superior Core Technology

At its core, iLumens utilizes 29 different utility patents for its ASIP platform. This high level of innovation makes iLumens the most technologically advanced IoT firmware, hardware, and software platform on the market.

iLumens’s parent company is InnoSys Tech, an electronics design company that focusers on high-frequency, high-power communication devices. InnoSys’ main clients are NASA and the US Military.

Using some of InnoSys’s patented technology, iLumens began developing smart retrofit LED lighting controls and is now a full IoT smart monitoring company.



iLumens Smart LED Lighting

  • Quickly convert fluorescent to LED
  • Works with most fluorescent ballasts (including dimming)
  • Provides visual communications
  • Provides +90 CRI
  • Fixed, temperature, and color tunable

Sensors & Control Technology

  • Monitors and reports sensor status (condition of restrooms etc.)
  • Communicates sensor status (restroom condition etc) to employees via app and web
  • Available as wired or wireless

ASIP Software

  • Real-time status dashboard
  • History tracking
  • Alerts facility and janitorial staff of needed maintenance
  • Highly adjustable
  • Proactive maintenance scheduling
  • Occupancy sensors can direct customers to the next available restroom

The iLumens Difference

  • The Application Specific Intelligent Platform (ASIP) is backward/ forward compatible and easily expandable. It grows with you.
  • 29 utility patents for the core features of the ASIP platform
  • Easy to install and maintain

Although our technology is second to none in the IoT industry, the biggest differentiator for us is our people and why we do what we do.

Through the use of technology, we help make life better for our fellow human beings.


How We Stack Up to the Competition