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Dr. Jennifer Hwu and Dr. Larry Sadwick are the co-founders of iLumens a division of InnoSys, Inc, founded in 2000.  iLumens was founded in 2015 as a woman owned, minority owned lighting R&D manufacturer.  Dr. Hwu is the President, CEO and Chairperson for InnoSys and the CEO and Chairperson for iLumens. 

As an electronics design company, InnoSys initially focused on high-frequency, high-power communication devices including power supplies and conditioners. InnoSys has designed various communication electronics devices for the Department of Defense, including high-power technology for the Navy and imaging and communications technology for the Air Force (high-frequency, high-power communications above 71GHz). InnoSys has won SBIR awards with DARPA, DOE, and the Army, Air Force, and Navy.

InnoSys’ utilizes this our military grade technology to build iLumens lamps, sensors, controls and IoT platform.  Using this level of technology has allowed us to build a scalable, reliable, plug-and-play platform.



iLumens leadership is concerned about the overall profitability of the organization, but more importantly we are more concerned about our team and the social impact of our platform.

Dr. Jennifer Hwu Ph.D

Dr. Jennifer Hwu Ph.D

Co-Founder Chairperson and CEO

Jennifer is one of the co-founders for both InnoSys (2000) and iLumens (2015).  She is a highly thought of and sought out individual when it comes to solving high complete technical problems.  Jennifer has been recognized multiple times, locally and nationally for her technical abilities and leadership talents.  Jennifer has many patents to her credit.


Ph.D University of California, Los Angeles – Electrical and Electronics Engineering

MS University of California, Los Angeles – Electrical and Electronics Engineering

BS National Taiwan Normal University – Physics


Dr. Larry Sadwick Ph.D

Dr. Larry Sadwick Ph.D

Co-Founder CTO

Larry is one of the co-founders for both InnoSys (2000) and iLumens (2015).  He is highly thought of for his creative problem solving skills and has been recognized multiple times for his talents, both locally and nationally.  Larry has numerous patents to his credit.


Ph.D University of California, Los Angeles – Electrical and Electronics and Engineering

BS University of California, San Diego – Physics


William Biddle MBA

William Biddle MBA

President COO

It is an honor to be a member of such a caring and impactful organization. 

While I considered joining the iLumens leadership team, Larry, and Jennifer both made it noticeably clear how important to them the client and team are.  After joining the team their actions have proven to be louder than their words.

We at iLumens are committed to the social impact of our products and what we do.

Education and Associations

MBA Indiana Wesleyan, University

BA Indiana Wesleyan University

EET ITT, Indianapolis, IN

Past Chairperson for Special Olympics of Utah



InnoSys and its founders have received many recognition awards and grant awards for its innovative technologies and solutions to pressing problems. Awards have been wide-ranging:

  • Young Investigator Award: Office of Naval Research
  • Young Investigator Award: National Science Foundation
  • US White House Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) (1996)
  • US White House Presidential Faculty Fellow (PFF)
  • Individual Achievement Award from Governor of the State of Utah
  • Individual Achievement Award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
  • Business Visionary Award from State of Utah and Chamber of Commerce (2004)
  • Outstanding Asian Business Owner Award from the Utah Asian Chamber (2011)
  • Technology Entrepreneur Award from Women in Tech Council (2011)
  • Women Business Owner of the Year from National Association of Women Business Owners Salt Lake Chapter (2013)
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Medallion Award
  • Utah Genius Award (2014)
  • Utah Innovation Award for Clean Technology and Energy (2015)
  • Department of Energy Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grant (2016)
  • Utah GOED Technology Commercialization Innovation Program (TCIP) Grant (2017)

InnoSys and its iLumens innovations have also resulted in recognition in a variety of other outlets, including SXSW Eco, NREL Industry Growth Forum, Europe’s Next Step Challenge, the US Marine Corps Expeditionary Energy Concepts (E2C), and the Cleantech Open.

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