iLumens Facility & Restroom Monitoring System

IoT That Reduces Complaints, Cost & Maintenance Time

Save Money. Reduce Risk. Increase Satisfaction.

iLumens developed the world’s first IoT Application Specific Intelligent Platform (ASIP) to manage all aspects of facility and restroom monitoring. This unique platform of lights, sensors, controls and software provides facility managers precise data for real-time and preventative maintenance tasks, thus reducing liability risk and consumable costs while improving customer and employee satisfaction.

Restroom Monitoring With SRRT - Smart Restroom Technology

Monitor all aspects of restroom use such as:

  • Stall availability

  • Water flow monitoring

  • Maintenance scheduling & monitoring

  • Track Consumables (paper towels, soap, tp etc)

  • Lighting control

  • And more!

High Traffic Facility Use & Preventative Maintenance

Through the iLumens platform, maintenance managers can now monitor all aspects of high-traffic facility use such as:

    • Occupancy
    • Lighting
    • Temperature
    • Daylight harvesting
    • Wayfinding
    • Water flow

Recent Installations


Benefits of the ASIP Platform


  • Tracking of janitorial and facility maintenance tasks
  • Preventative maintenance for common failure items
  • Reduction of liability risk (water on floor etc)
  • Energy savings
  • Proactive replacement of consumable products
  • Improve employee and customer satisfaction
  • Easily convert high-traffic facilities to a smart office, smart stadium, smart airport, smart building and more!

Platform Products


iLumens IoT LED lights are high quality, low energy, low flicker and high CRI.  iLumens offers, fixed kelvin, color, and temperature tunable (TT) lights (perfect for circadian rhythm settings such as student classrooms and employee work areas.)



iLumens family of smart sensors and controls provide the interface between the IoT devices and software. They are very compact and completely scalable, allowing for the future growth of other ASIP platform devices.


ASIP is controlled by our scalable state-of-the art software platform.  Our software, monitors, tracks and remotely communicates real-time information as to the status of all our sensors and lights.