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Application Specific Intelligent Platform (ASIP)



iLumens Application Specific Intelligent Platform (ASIP) utilizes integrated smart sensors, controls, and software to deliver specific services towards various customer needs. 

For example, our intelligent lighting ASIP adds functionality to lighting. We can add day light harvesting, intensity tuning for energy saving, color temperature tuning for health benefits, data logging and analytical, and enables smart lighting, network connected lighting, IoT, human centric lighting. 

For our intelligent lighting ASIP, we also offer our patented linear fluorescent lamp replacements which are uniquely designed for direct plug and play installation utilizing the original standard ballast.  In other words, we turn fluorescent lamp replacements into highly intelligent light while still utilizing the original standard fixture to provide you with the easiest access to the many benefits of advanced lighting while also saving you money!

Our germicidal application specific intelligent platform(ASIP) supports and helps you to stay healthy and safe.

No matter your environment; classrooms, offices, senior care facilities, etc., we work with you to ensure safe germicidal sanitization without endangering eyes or skin by accidental exposure to UV-C lamps. This is accomplished through smart sensors, communication, controls, IoT, all part of our ASIP platform that ensures that sanitation occurs only when the room is vacant. Our UV-C lamps will effectively and safely combat pathogens found in the air as well as hard surfaces significantly reducing the effort and time needed to protect against pathogens .

As part of our germicidal ASIP, iLumens offers UV-C lamps in linear T5 & T8 format which are certified to be germicidal disinfection effective.  Our UV-C lamps are designed to fit directly into a standard lighting T5 & T8 troffer.   With proper maintenance iLumens UV-C lamps will provide years of safe germicidal help in the reduction of pathogens found both airborne and on hard surfaces to keep you healthier


For more information about how to incorporate this system into your space or one of our other lighting solutions, please contact us via Or call us at 801.231.8789 for any questions and more information.

For All of Your Intelligent Application Needs

Office Space

Energy savings, dimmable LED temperature tuning lighting for improved employee productivity – Safe use of UVC germicidal lighting in public areas helps in the fight against pathogens

Schools & Universities

Dimmable LED temperature tunable lighting helps with student comprehension – Safe use of UVC germicidal lighting in public areas helps in the fight against pathogens.


Temperature tunable LED lighting helps your client see the true color of your products – Safe UVC germicidal lighting helps in the fight against pathogens.

Military & Government

Ensure security. Meet codes and criteria. Optimize comfort. Maximize efficiency.

Warehouse & Manufacturing

Protect product. Increase efficiency. Reduce costs.

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