iLumens Intelligent Lighting ASIP for

Senior care and Nursing Homes

We can’t replace you in taking care of them, but we can care for your parents to the best we know how.

Artificial Daylight

Real sunlight is not static so we have created a system that mimics how the color temperature of sunlight changes throughout the day. This is especially important in senior care considering seniors  spend a significant portion of their lives indoors and might have limited or no access to real sunlight. Our intelligent lighting ASIP can perform daylight simulation on cloudy days when there’s not enough daylight in the space to provide the light levels the seniors need improving their wellbeing, mood, and comfort in the built environment.  Artificial daylight can provide subtle reminder of the time of day reducing the disorientating effect living with static lighting can cause. Our intelligent lighting ASIP provides zero flicker, no glare, high color rendering (CRI), and the ability to change the color temperature and brightness of a light especially harbors some unique benefits to the seniors.

Circadian Rhythm

A circadian rhythm is an individual’s unique physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a daily cycle.  Our intelligent lighting ASIP perform human centric lighting to promote circadian wellness by aligning an individual’s circadian cycle to the 24-hour sleeping and waking cycle.  We provide such health benefits from our dimming and color temperature and color-tunable lighting to align human bodies with their circadian rhythms for example, aiding the sleep-wake cycle by offering cooler, bluer light in the morning to promote wakefulness and warmer, redder light in the afternoons and evenings to begin the wind down for the day.

Greater Occupant Comfort

In addition to the high quality light, the ability to dim, tune, and customize iLumens lighting overhead and integrate it with the latest control technologies means greater comfort, which can mean greater productivity.  iLumens germicidal disinfection ASIP helsp to safely reduce the risk of pathogen’s in the air and on hard surfaces 

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