iLumens Lighting for

Office Buildings

Happy Owners. Happy Managers. Happy Tenants. Happy Situation.

Whether you are a building owner, property manager, or tenant, iLumens has intelligent solutions for your LED upgrades from linear fluorescent lighting. We like happy.

Greater Occupant Comfort

The ability to dim iLumens lighting overhead and integrate it with the latest control technologies means greater comfort, which can mean greater productivity. Whether it’s an IT group that wants it dim or an engineering group that wants it bright, every group gets its wish.

Improved Property Value

Improve the value and appeal of Class-A, Class-B, or Class-C office spaces to tenants by providing them dimmable lighting that can suit whatever group will occupy the space. As a bonus, provide this value at an energy cost 50-90% lower than competitor spaces!

Reduced Maintenance and Hassle

Reduce property management headaches (both figuratively and literally) with lamps that last several times longer than traditional fluorescent lighting and provide a much higher quality of light. Receive fewer calls from uncomfortable tenants by allowing them to light the space according to their comfort levels.

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