iLumens - Different Kinds of Smarts

When we talk about "Lighting IQ," we know there are different kinds of smarts, and our intelligent lighting professionals mix them in various ways:

  • COMMERCIAL GENIUSES help you master iLumens daylight harvesting to prevent needless over-lighting of sunlit rooms and extend bulb life by decades. 
  • INDUSTRIAL ACES show you how to save on installation costs through iLumens plug-and-play, constant-lumens technology.  With one visit, we can show you how to immediately reduce costs, increase control, and save money.
  • PARKING LOT PROS will prevent needless lighting expenses by using iLumens occupancy and motion sensors to ensure your lot is well lit when and where it needs to be, and save energy by dimming lights when they are not needed.
  • EDUCATIONAL EXPERTS will help you create high IQ lighting environments with iLumens adaptive and color-changing lights that help students learn.  Ask about our iLumens High IQ Lighting for laboratories and emergency applications.
  • SMART HOME CHAMPIONS will help you improve security and performance while you put your disposable income to better use than utility bills. Better yet, lighting has a dramatic effect in dressing up your home's appearance with iLumens Home IQ lights that can change color to suit your mood, dim when no one is around and turn on when motion or noise is detected.

Visit your industry page to get a better idea of how iLumens can increase your Lighting IQ.