Residential Lighting

iLumens delivers a full set of lighting experience solutions for the home. We deliver superior lamps in a large number of form factors that are dimmable and can change color. Have them work automatically, pre-programmed, or just when you want to set the mood.

Our lights are assembled here in the US with the best components in the industry. That is why we can guarantee excellent performance, durability and outstanding lifetime. 

Using sensor technologies, in-circuit signal processing and remote signal processing software, any kind of intelligent lighting system can be delivered. 

What does this mean for you, your family and home?

Security. Savings. Superior Lighting Experience.


Using a combination of sensors, iLumens lighting systems can become an extension of your alarm system. Also, switch cycling makes it look like your home always has someone there.


Everyone from conservative financial institutions to early adopters of LED technologies have found that the combination of a reduced energy footprint, 60,000-hour lamp life span, and automation delivers a payback in as little as 24 months. 

Superior Lighting Experience

Have you ever stopped and looked at the lighting in your home? If not, then you need to do a simple experiment: Take one corner of your home and upgrade the lighting to iLumens standards. The difference will surprise you!