Improved “Lighting IQ” for Schools

The power of the iLumens LED technology is its high “lighting IQ”: using light when you need it, where you need it, how you need it, and how you want it. Imagine the following education-specific applications enabled by the iLumens platform:

Daylight Harvesting and Auto-Dimming

Whether it's napping kindergarteners, a classroom video presentation, math problems on the front screen, or a high school laboratory, the ability to manually or auto-dim your LED lights is an iLumens feature that is useful in a wide variety of classroom situations.  Our technology not only gives users the ability to dim their lights, but they can also pre-set their iLumens lights to work with classroom schedules. Another feature, called “daylight harvesting,” automatically dims the lights when additional light comes into the room from outside sources such as windows and results in energy savings, extended bulb life, and well-lit classrooms.

Color Tunability

Why have the ability to change LED lights into virtually any color temperature in the spectrum in schools? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Directions: iLumens lights can tell people where to go. This is done through sequentially changing color temperature and/or brightness, light-to-light, in the direction of the destination.  Directional indication can be useful, for example, in guiding students to building exits in case of an emergency (perhaps in green); guiding emergency personnel to a location of distress (perhaps in red); in helping students or parents find their way to an assembly room, recital hall, or parent-teacher conferences (match the color with the event). Students, parents, or emergency personnel could simply be told to “follow the [insert color here] lights.”  
  • Capturing Attention: Students often tune out PA announcements in interest of other activities. For critical announcements (fire, tornado, dangerous intruder, etc.), iLumens lights could be tuned to any color, say red, after which the important announcement could follow; students would recognize the announcement as important and listen.
  • The Correct Spectra: Certain color temperatures are better for mental health (such as Seasonal Affective Disorder), some are better for alertness or sleep, and some are better for specific laboratory activities; iLumens accommodates these needs and many more.  
  • Security: iLumens lights are "instant-on," which means you can instantly alert anyone outside the building of a problem within the building. Colors can be used to let emergency responders know where the problem is - and even what kind of problem they might encounter.
  • Entertaining School Events: Dances, sporting events, holidays, or the last day of school – all call on the imagination for changing light temperatures. Alternate light colors and rhythms during a school dance. Light up the school in the school color on game day. Turn the lights an orange hue on Halloween. Celebrate a great school year with whatever color you want at the sound of the final bell. iLumens can join the fun in entertaining events of many kinds.

Sensor-Rich Technology

We are all familiar with motion, noise, and light sensors, but iLumens takes sensor technology to the intelligent level:

  • Security: iLumens sensor and control technology can be configured down to the individual lamp level, which has big implications in security. Know where and when people are present, use sensor notifications to activate security cameras in suspicious locations, integrate light effects into alarm systems (all lights flashing red, etc.), know the traffic flow of students, etc.
  • Monitoring and Analytics: iLumens lighting systems gather data that can be used to monitor energy usage, traffic flow, areas of greatest noise, areas of greatest ambient lighting, etc. Know where the least ambient lighting is in the school to more efficiently install skylights. Better optimize lighting schedules for areas that need more lighting or less lighting (e.g., in low-traffic areas, place lighting on motion or noise sensors only).

Two-Way Communication

Communication is key to efficient maintenance of a lighting system.

  • Status Reporting: When is the worst time to learn that a light has a problem? When you need it – during a visit from an important education figure, during a long-anticipated band recital, or during a test. iLumens lamps provide “health status” data so that maintenance personnel are notified of problems before the big event.
  • Optimize Efficiency: Know which classrooms are using energy most and least efficiently, learn why, and make adjustments as needed.
  • Configurability: Would you prefer to interact with your lighting system by building, floor, room, or individual lamp? You choose – iLumens is configurable to any level.
  • Flexible Controls: Teachers, administrators, and facility managers can control iLumens lighting through a cybersecure interface and protocol using computer software, servers, tablets, smartphones, or local manual controls.

Retrofitting Your Facility

Paying an electrical contractor to retrofit every light fixture (changing or removing the ballast, swapping connection-point “tombstones”, etc.) to more efficient lighting can be a big expense. This is why the InnoSys iLumens technology comes equipped with “plug-and-play” and “constant lumens” technology – to make converting the rest of the school as painless as possible:


“Plug-and-play” means you can simply pull out the old fluorescent lamp and insert an iLumens lamp – done. The secret is in the proprietary driver technology, which works with any ballast.

 Constant Lumens

“Constant Lumens” means that not only will iLumens LED technology work with any ballast, it will have the same illuminance with one ballast type as it will with another.