iLumens is a novel intelligent lighting platform from InnoSys Inc., a minority-women-owned business in Utah and winner of the 2015 Utah Innovation Award for our Green, Clean Energy Efficient LED Technologies. InnoSys has a decades long background in the technology and science of energy management, high-frequency communications, and solid-state lighting (SSL). For over a decade we've been an original design manufacturer (ODM) providing our patented technology to Fortune 500 “Big Box lighting manufacturers”. With our 14-year background in energy management, communications and SSL/LED Lighting, InnoSys has developed next-generation LED/SSL lighting systems that include wireless or direct-AC dimming, plug-and-play lamp installation (with constant lumens technology that works with virtually any electronic ballast or via direct AC connection), 2-way communication (including reports on energy usage and lamp age/health), rich sensor integration that both allows efficient energy usage as well as alarm integration and data about ambient light conditions and occupancy patterns. 

Our iLumens Lighting, Sensors, & Controls combine our track record of creative engineering with Made-in-America quality for the best LED Lighting and energy management systems available.