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iLumens provides intelligent solutions to solve your lighting challenges.  Technicians and installers will take advantage of our plug-and-play, standard ballast-compatible, dimmable LED lighting solutions.  

iLumens is excited to introduce you to "Olovo" our LED communication platform

iLumens is known for our high quality, low energy, low flicker, single kelvin plug and play smart lamps.  With our LED family of lights you can replace your current florescent lamps while utilizing your existing standard ballast.  With our LED lamps utilizing your existing standard ballast, you can dim our tubes 100%.


Our "Olovo" platform utilizes our patented products of sensors, controls, new and retrofit lighting, to communicate specialized messages.


To help take "Olovo" platform to the next level we are excited to announce our temperature tunable (2700 Kelvin to 6500 Kelvin) high quality, low flicker plug and play intelligent family of lights.


Our lights, sensors and controls create the next step of our scalable "Olovo" platform. 


Stay tuned

"Olovo" has more exciting things to come

For All of Your Lighting Needs

Office Space

High-performance light for high-performance people at a fraction of the cost of new fixtures. Improve space value.

Schools & Universities

Optimize the learning environment without high retrofit or renovation costs.


Make your product and store look good without making your CAPEX look bad.

Military & Government

Ensure security. Meet codes and criteria. Optimize comfort. Maximize efficiency.

Warehouse & Manufacturing

Protect product. Increase efficiency. Reduce costs.

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